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Help with MUSC MyChart registration and account creation. What are the steps to get the mobile app? How can I contact the service department? to be covered in further detail here. Verify the most recent details and simple procedures.

Are you trying to find the MUSC Patient Portal Login? You’ve come to the correct webpage for this. MUSC’s Patient Portal puts patients in control of their healthcare by giving them 24/7 online access to their medical information and enabling medical staff to deliver individualized, compassionate care.

MyChart MUSC

Accessing your medical records after a visit to the doctor’s office or perhaps a doctor’s office is made easier with the MUSC patient portal, which you may access here along with details on downloading the MUSC patient portal app.

A patient portal is available around the clock, every day of the week, to help you take charge of your health. Our portal is safe, private, and simple to navigate.

What is MyChart MUSC?

Together, Epic System Corporation and the Medical University of South Carolina are assisting patients by utilizing MyChart, Epic’s signature medicine tool. With the support of this collaboration, MUSC hopes to provide patients access to vital healthcare and medical information, allowing them to get timely care when it’s needed most.

The MUSC Patient Portal is a private, password-protected website where you may monitor your healthcare activities and have two-way conversations with your clinicians at Boston Children’s Hospital whenever it’s convenient for you. If you have access to the internet, you can manage your medical care as you see fit from any device.

Patients may access a variety of services, including appointment booking, information viewing, payment services, medication refill requests, and more, via a patient portal called MyChart. Both a web interface and a mobile app provide access to these features.

The MUSC MyChart portal may be accessed at one of the following locations on the web.


The Medical University of South Carolina has two websites: for general information and for adult patients. All the details of the MyChart website at are outlined in this article.

Benefits of Using the MUSC MyChart Health Patient Portal

Managing your health has never been easier than with the MUSC Patient Portal, safe and reliable online hub for all of your medical records accessible at all hours of the day and night. Through the gateway, you can:
  • Check out the outcomes of your exams and scans.
  • Have look at the list of drugs you’re now taking.
  • Do not forget to renew your medicines.
  • Noting vitals like blood pressure, weight, exercise, and diet is an important step in improving one’s health.
  • Please refer to the schedule of screenings and other preventive care events.
  • Don’t forget to update your address and medical coverage details.
  • Schedule meeting with us now.
  • Pre-appointment paperwork filling is required.
  • Examine your schedule for forthcoming events.
  • Put money toward bill over the web.

How to MUSC MyChart login

Anyone receiving treatment at the Medical University of South Carolina may access the secure MyChart site using their Username and Password. Patients need to pay attention to a few specifics in this regard.

  • Patients are urged to safeguard their accounts by only logging in from reliable devices (their own smartphones, computers, etc.) while doing so.
  • Patients have the option of selecting a high-quality ISP that guarantees a constant data connection.
  • Patients must first register on the site in order to set up their access credentials.
  • To protect their personal information, patients should only use reputable and secure browsers. Most internet users nowadays use either Google Chrome or Firefox And internet explorer, two of the most popular current browsers.
  • With these things in mind, let’s proceed with the login process.

Your MyChart account may be accessed in three ways.

  1. Sign in to MyChart using the official website
  2. Access MyChart from your mobile device
  3. It is possible to access the MyChart online platform without the portal’s login URL being known by entering the following information:

Through Online Website

To access MyChart, patients may click on the associated official patient portal link. Thereafter, the patient’s MyChart account may be accessed using their login and password. Follow the instructions below.

  1. First, go to the website. On the site’s right-hand side, patients may access login details.
  2. In order to access your user’s account dashboard, please enter your Username and Password and then click the Sign In button. Using your patient dashboard, you may now see information about nearby services.

Through Mobile App

There is a more straightforward and safe way of logging in if you don’t feel comfortable visiting the portal and typing your login and password each time. Patients may get the official app for their phones and sign in with a finger swipe.

Patients will also have access to biometric authentication methods, such as fingerprint and face scans, and cutting-edge encryption technology to protect their data.

The MUSC Mychart portal’s footer has links that allow all patients to access the mobile app for download.

  1. The official site may be accessed by launching a mobile browser to it.
  2. If you scroll down, you’ll find download buttons for both Android and iOS devices.
  3. Follow the instructions for your specific mobile device to download the appropriate app.
  4. If patients click the Download link, the Google Play Store or Apple Software Store will appear so they may get the app on their phone or tablet.
  5. Start the app and sign in:
  6. When the software has finished installing, you may launch it by clicking the icon.

When prompted for credentials in the app, use your MyChart credentials to sign in. Once logged in, any necessary security measures, such as fingerprint or face scanning, may be activated.

Through Login URL

A patient may look up the Musc Mychart portal’s login URL on the product website if he or she cannot remember it. When the patient is ready to access their Mychart account, they may do so by going to the login page.

Here are the full instructions for logging in.

  1. First, go on over to and choose the Access Mychart button there. A query bar will show up on the display.
  2. Second, enter “MUSC” into the search bar. If you type “MUSC” into the search field on the portal, it will pull up the MUSC Mychart portal’s Sign back and Sign-Up link on the exact same screen, just underneath the search field.
  3. Third, go on over to the login page by clicking the Login link. The next time you want to access your account, just log in as usual.

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