The school that your kid will attend is an essential choice to make. We at Measham School Academy are committed to making this process as simple and uncomplicated as we possibly can for you by providing you with all of the information that you will need to choose the best school for your kid.

Parents are strongly invited to get in touch with the institution in order to set up a time for a personalized tour of our amazing school with either the Executive Headteacher or the Deputy Headteacher. This gives participants a great chance to see how our school works. They will visit all of the classes and have plenty of time to ask questions.

We are proud to be at the heart of the community here at Measham Church of England Primary School Academy, which is located in the middle of the National Forest. We try to make a safe, happy, and welcoming place for everyone, including the kids, their parents, and our guests.

Measham School

Mission of Measham School

Our goal is to give children the best education possible so they can have a good life in the future. We think that a strong connection between school and home creates a solid basis for learning, and we appreciate the engagement of our parents and caretakers in the educational process of our students.

The Measham staff puts forth a lot of effort to ensure that the curriculum they provide is of the highest possible caliber. Every member of the staff is dedicated to giving the kids the best care possible and giving them the best educational activities and experiences they can. The nurturing environment that permeates the school makes it possible for students of varying aptitudes to flourish as they grow and develop.

It is vitally important to get your child’s education off to a good start from the very beginning. We sincerely hope that the information on our website will help you make the right choice. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the school to schedule an appointment if you have any more questions or would like to pay a visit to the official website of MeashamSchool.